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"John and Denise, a long-time Catholic journalist and a trained Continental chef, have done it again. They've ransacked 20 centuries, 5 continents, and their own disturbed imaginations to uncover the fun in faith-and dozens of delicious recipes for dinner, cocktails, and party punch. It's educational-and intoxicating!"

Angelo Matera, Publisher,,
former CEO, The National Catholic Register

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In 1950 Pope Pius XII announced the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven—some seven years before Stalin’s Sputnik program put a Soviet into space.
Do you think this was an accident? Oh, you are SO naïve….

What Your Fellow Sinners are Saying About the Bad Catholic's Series:

"Imagine Mel Gibson crossed with Monty Python—a hilarious, in your face, Late-Nite Latin Mass."

Angelo Matera, Publisher,,
former CEO, The National Catholic Register

"Silly some of the time, respectful most of the time and hilarious all of the time, even the squirrel recipes sound delicious and will have me driving slower thru the red states, chumming for low cost snacks on the two lane all the way to Mardi Gras."

Mario Batali, Chef,
Host of “Molto Mario,” “Mario Eats Italy,” and“Ciao America” on The Food Network. Author, The Babbo Cookbook  

"Thanks to John Zmirak and Denise Matychowiak’s uproarious cornucopia of Catholic fun, now we can laugh ourselves up and out of literary purgatory. Their sharp-witted irreverence seldom fails to amuse—because they know the Church so well, and love her so dearly.”

Thomas McArdle, White House Speechwriter,
former Communications Director,
The Catholic League for Civil and Religious Rights

"This ingenious guide will leave you educated and entertained.

A comical yet dignified must-read."

Erik Blauberg, Chef,, former Executive Chef, The ‘21’ Club

"All saints suffer one way or another but there are no sad saints. As this book makes abundantly clear, some more than others had the gift of earthly gladness which, by not being lived as an end in itself, points the way to heavenly joy."

Rev. George Rutler, Author, Theologian, Host,
Eternal Word Television Network  

"The ideas outlined here for food and fun are zany, sophisticated, and delightful! How many guides to seasonal cooking urge their readers to flambé chickens, smother squirrels, put anti-depressants in the punch and sell indulgences? Not nearly enough, if you ask me."

Georges Briguet, Owner,
Le Périgord (opened April 1, 1964), New York City

"Bad Catholics, beware. John Zmirak and Denise Matychowiak have a hidden agenda…Beneath the puns, ribaldry, and hilariously apt (and no doubt delicious) feast-day recipes lie a profound reverence for—and knowledge of—the Church, her saints, her teachings, and her traditions. Whether you’re the ‘lapsed’ kind of bad Catholic, or just the sinful kind like me, The Bad Catholic’s Guide to Good Living will put you back on the straight and narrow."

Jeffrey Rubin, Editor, Conservative Book Club; former Editor, The Latin Mass and Sursum Corda magazines  

"It is isn’t often that a book comes along that forces you to laugh as hard as it makes you believe—Mr. Zmirak and Ms. Maychowiak have produced such a book. It is irreverent all right, but not toward Catholicism. Instead, it is a book that laughs its head off at the crazy world around us that denies the Faith."

Charles A. Coulombe, KCStS, Author of Vicars of Christ: A History of the Popes  

"I have long considered it a significant theological point that Our Lord’s first public miracle was turning water, a dull liquid in which fish fornicate, into glorious wine. That’s my kind of Christianity. John and Denise understand that the authentically Catholic life is one of fasting and feasting, to the point of cheerfulness, in anticipation of the great wedding banquet in heaven." 

Rod Dreher, Editorial Writer,
The Dallas Morning News

"If the authors had not given me a free copy of this book, I would have bought it, but I would have done it online or in disguise at a bookstore. I certainly will give it to many friends, but anonymously. Unfortunately, I still have remnants of a respectable reputation to preserve… "

Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete, Theologian and Author, Professor at the John Paul II Institute for Studies in
Marriage and Family

The Bad Catholic's Guide to Wine, Whiskey & Song

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