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October 30, 2008


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Charlie Wilson, the former Democratic representative from Texas and the inspiration for the movie Charlie Wilson's War sat down with the Scranton Times-Tribune to talk about the current war in Afghanistan. "I think they're looking at us more and more like occupiers," he said.


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Jeg nød din blogindlæg og håber, at du genoptager tilføje poster snart. I mellemtiden bør du helt sikkert overveje at deltage FreedomFest, den største forsamling af frie sind, ikke blot med hensyn til frihed, men også videnskab, sundhed, litteratur, etc.


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scott huminski

Police State USA (rock music video) Released

Anti USA Police State rock music video released by American rocker who has been targeted with a decade of government oppression. Scott X and the Constitution Commandos take on corrupt and criminal acts of the government with their 4th video release (Police State USA) from their new album: "Fighting the U.S. Police State With Music".

American musician that has become totally fed up with U.S. government crimes and oppression targeting him has released a 7 song rock music album with his 4th music video detailing his experiences with the corrupt U.S.A. government. Rocker Scott X has been banished with the threat of arrest from all courthouses in the U.S. for LIFE. U.S. State and Federal governments have targeted X for over a decade with wrongful criminal prosecutions, courthouse banishments, free speech violations, double jeopardy violations and other oppressive acts.


Scott X and the Constitution Commandos

Fighting the U.S. Police State With Music

Police State USA

Liberty Wanted

The USA Took My Freedom Away

Bad Cop


Info: s_huminskilive.com

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hey friends...
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scott huminski

U.S.A. State Sponsored Terror (rock music video) Released

Anti U.S. Police State Musician/activist releases his 5th rock video.


Television interview at:


Stainless Steel Brackets

At Roncesvalles, Camlan, Catraeth, and to horrific violence such as that of the Welsh monster Twrch Trwyth (Great Hog). Jones's long poem is the greatest literary work to emerge from the Great War and probably the greatest writing on war in English.


This has made my day. I wish all postigns were this good.

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