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October 30, 2008


B.  Heart

The housing bubble pop was abetted by Big Government abominations, Fannie and Freddie, sired and for decades preserved by Democrats. Mr.Fukuyama seems too harsh on the economy.

Sen. Obama has sought to display cool-headedness, to offer a contrast with the distinguished Senator from Arizona.

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B. Heart

I have very much enjoyed this terrific blog.

Ralf Goergens

Dear Mr. Seitz,

you have stopped blogging rather abruptly months ago, without any notice that you intended do so. I getting worried now. Are you alright?

Kind regards,

Ralf Goergens

That should have been 'I am geting worried'

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Valerie Durham

Dear Mr. Seitz,

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Valerie Durham

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" I think it would a travesty to reward the Republicans for failure on such a grand scale."

Hasn't quite worked out, eh?

Where are you, Professor?

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Wait a second, Who is Charlie Wilson? I never hear nothing about him.

New England Princess

How much info can one rely on as truthful any more? The housing bubble came and went according to the news but how do we not know its just a cyclical land grab the banks actually prepare intentionally?


Who's next ? Eddie Murphy ?, Be more serious !! hahaha

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Alfred E.Newman for president! he is the best choice.

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the end of the story was Obama's election.

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I enjoyed your blog entries and hope that you resume adding entries soon.the end of the story was Obama's election.well im off to vegas. have a good one!


the McCain Shame and the Bush administration really hurts the republican side.

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America has been living in a dream world for the past few years,..'


Who's next ? Eddie Murphy ?, Be more serious!

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