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June 20, 2008



Great work.

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It is awesome. Thank you for sharing. It is looking very beautiful. I am hoping i will go there very soon.

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Atlantis is only a myth, after all.


i like this part of the blog:""The conservatives who are working to resist or to answer global-warming denialism (much of which was based on very genuine concerns about the accuracy of climate science and the policy implications its advocates were drawing from it) are not adopting the script of Al Gore’s movie, which is the epitome of the reckless hysteria school of climate change." is very good

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For some people the highways became a funny trip and never think of care they must to have every time they go over there. I do expect some separation of views between the introverts and extroverts, but don't know if your unscientific poll will be able to discern that distinction. Should be interesting to see your next post reveals.

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