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June 05, 2008


neil craig

However vampirism is a contagious disease (one which quite uniquily sufferers are driven to spread) therefore they should be forcibly quarentined for the rest of their lives (however long that is) under the laws used against Typhoid Mary.

However if you could prove that vampiric power comes from a supernatural force it would automaticaly become a natural but not understood force (like gravity). Due to an unfortunate dearth of experimental evidence supernatural studies have not yet progressed to the level Newton achieved but a few unliving specimens could change that.


Interesting and a good point there Neil Craig. This blog forgot the point that initially "vampirism" is contagious and the "bite" alone is powerful enough to pass the immortal "rights" passed on by the gods, sweet.

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It is always politics way of bringing culture of different sorts together!

Buddha Decor

I see, so it is similar to political infection with the use of a bite?

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