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June 01, 2008


Neil Frandsen


I am a retired Seismic Surveyor, with experience in Western Canada, the Arctic, and the High Arctic, plus once in the Republic of Niger, and once in Tanzania.
I took air temperature every time I did a Sunshot, or a Starshot.
Now, the theory, about metal, or canvas buckets, causing differences in the water-temperature, is not quite what my own farm-boy experiences were, with water in metal buckets. And I do remember how long it took the olden days big canvas water-bottles, that cooled their contents by means of evaporation of the small part that oozed thru the canvass.
The theory smacks of summat that Snopes is going to shoot down.
By the by, _I_ have taken a sponge bath in -40° temperatures, standing on a scrap of cardboard, on the lee side of the Snow-Melter. Some of the Urb-raised ideas about outdoor temperatures, and how they affect people and things, are wrong....

Brian H

It would seem to be an obvious thing to do to take measurements at a few locations, in different temperature and wind conditions, with simultaneous scoops using oaken, steel, canvas, and insulated buckets, plus at the intake ports, and tabulate the differences. That would provide meaningful fudge factors to apply retroactively.

Hunter Fan

I like your contentions here. Very well said.

pacifier clip

You write pretty well! :)


global warming has been raised almost all parts of the world that's why some of us participate in the earth hour held every year.

Dallas Tx,

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