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May 13, 2008


David Smith

David Smith writes :
I'm delighted to hear Dr. Rees say "This translates as 'on the words of no one'... a commitment to empirical evidence as the basis of knowledge..."

I take that to mean that the programming language "words" that, added to assumptions and simplifications make up computerized models (software = data structures + algorithms), will no longer be used to drive policy recommendations.

Or is that too much to hope?

RS responds to David Smith :

The noble Lord Master of Trinity
I'm sure would be glad to be rid of me
But it's Latin infernal
To make in The Journal
Of nemo and nullius a quiddity

Paul Nevins

Mr. Rees I am sorry but your position does not convince.

Let me put this simply; as long as the troposphere temperature data does not fit the theory, the theory that carbon dioxide causes greenhouse effect warming is wrong. In addition, as long as the paleo record shows that, in the past, temperature increase has preceeded carbon dioxide increase the theory that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere causes warming is wrong. You cannot dismiss a violation in causality with a wave of the hand or a claim on consensus. Other evidence that may or may not support the theory is irrelevent.

If a theory fails to explain observed phenomena or fails to be useful as a predictive tool it should be discarded. At the present the theory you are supporting has failed on both criteria.

The global warming establishment has turned a legitimate scientific question into a large scale demonstration of poor ethics. This is doing a great damage to science as a whole.

What part of ' carbon cycle feedback' don't you understand ?

Robert Speirs

So Lord Rees's position is that because the Royal Society takes the word of no man, we should take the word of the Royal Society?

Ron Schwarz

Regarding causality -- if we have accepted the idea of the ends justifying the means, then does it not follow (not that "following" per se has any particular weight under this regime) that causality is a casualty of the revolution?

I suppose it all depends on how we define what "we" is. :)

Alastair Carnegie

"...there is no place in a free society for a self-appointed Central Committee of Scientific Truth..."

The proverb "Every cloud has a silver lining." prompts me to speculate that the younger generation are straining at the leash, eager to investigate these 'sacred cow' scientific theories with a dissenting opinion. Youth will always rally to the rebelious cause. The prospects of new scientific discovery are highest, when dogma is defended by 'Inquisition' rather than reasoned argument.

Science may once again become a popular pursuit, by virtue of controversy.


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In this essay, attacks on Catholicism should be read with the context of the English Civil War kept in mind. Although the English had had some form of censorship since about 1530, Milton tried to shame Parliament into adopting his views by claiming it a recent Catholic import, a product of the King's Star Chamber, which so recently had been abolished (1641), and which had been the principal opponent of the Protestant Parliament. While the Licensing Order had as its official intent the restoration of the legal protection of the Stationer's Company monopoly on printing, Milton saw as its byproduct the return of state control over publishing in general. His own experience in having to get his writings on divorce published without license, reinforced his views that a new dogmatic authority was replacing the old.

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The motto, "nullius in verba", is Latin for "Take nobody's word for it", and was adopted to signify the Fellows' determination to establish facts via experiments; it comes from Horace's Epistles, where he compares himself to a gladiator who, having retired, is free from control.

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Is this another battle between science and christianity? The phrase, "don't let policy proceed from mere perceptions of authority", might be a good point in layman's term. However, we need to obey them which have the rule over us. Let's just erase the word authority if they were not meant to be followed.

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"don't let policy proceed from mere perceptions of authority"... "on the words of no one"

Those phrases make remember that science has to be well taught!!
As Russell Seitz said.. I belive information has to be socialiced!!
Poeple need to be inform and prepare them to take action!!


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