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May 03, 2008


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At some point in prehistory, an earlier caldera-forming eruption occurred, leaving as remnants Verlaten, Long, Poolsche Hoed, and the base of Rakata. Later, at least two more cones (Perboewatan and Danan) formed and eventually joined with Rakata, forming the main island of Krakatoa. The dating of these events is currently unknown; the Sunda Strait was first mentioned by Arab sailors around 1100 AD.

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I have a Krakatau Number of 3, having talked to Luis Alvarez about the eruption in 1984.

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I agree. The old favourites never fail me when I'm restless or just can't settle or have just read a terrific book & nothing else seems right as the next read. Rereading can be blissful.

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Instead, I suspect the most likely explanation is a utilitarian one: the principal didn't want to have to deal with potentially inappropriate costumes and the inevitable disciplinary and parental hassles that go along with that.

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somehow located your blog while searching for a post for a class, but I have to say I'm glad I found it ...will definately subscribe sometime.

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This volcanoe has shownlots of energy in the past century!!

That is a very interesting point of view!!
It might be because of it power, but its dangerous eruptions and energy!!

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Wow this is a stunning view of this volcano i really like this picture very interesting but it must be so dangerous it look very powerful though.

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I am against developing when it comes against people's lives like Turkish government is doing.

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