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May 12, 2008



I wanted to know the opening times for the Peabody Museum and the prices and isntead I got all the RUBBISH


el jade verde maya original no viene del motagua el lugar es otro muy limitado y es curioso que nadie sabe pero todos opinan yo se donde es y el verdadero jade maya merese mas respeto que las opiniones de tantos expertos saludos


los que nunca vieron las joyas de jade de pacal no pueden entender lo que es el jade maya clasico el mercado esta lleno de vulgar imitaciones hechas de piedras verdosas es una verguenza muchos expertos pero muy pocos que conosen


la nefrita que usaban los mayas algunas piezas tiene un tono de azul pero no tanto como el nuevo yacimiento encontrado en guatemala que es un exelente negocio para piezas nuevas y usan para copias arqueologicas mucho cuidado y mucho ojo


no way


Como puedo saber la diferencia entre jade antiguo maya y olmeca y el reciente ?Como puedo encontrar expertos confiables?


el original kunz axe no es tan azul como aparese en la foto al principio el original es gris tonalidad de verde azul claro de ninguna forma tiene que ver con el jade azul que aparecio hace poco en guatemala es todo diferente los olmecas nunca usaron ese azul tan pronunciado pero ahora hay material cantidad ilimitada para muchos falsos mucho ojo

Dr.Julieta Z.Petroni

Can someone explain me how come there's such a controversy about the real Blue Jade Maya and the False? Which credible sources or,and,methods are used to determine "authenticity"?

Russell Seitz

Dr. Petroni, it appears that few of those commenting have aviled themselves of the papers my colleagues and i published giviing the full mineralogical, petrographic , chemical and isotopic dating details on the highland jade deposits.

The first appeared in

Antiquity, December 2001
The other great division in the controversy is that between strongly opinionate armchair archaeologists and those who have troubled to go into the field and visit the deposits , none of which are more than two or three days on foot or horse from paved roads, and many of which can be reached in one long day .

None of those who have who examined the locations we have published , and compared the spectrum of material they hold with Olmec and Maya artifacts find the question controversial - the material , like the geological ground truth of this extensive string of high pressure-low temperature deposits speaks for itself .

Guy Lombal

In my opinion, with few exceptions, this blue jade recently unearthed in Guatemala is not the so-called Olmec "blue" jade, more frequently used for beads, and which tends to be rather blue-grey.

The colour of this new blue jade suggests that it was, in fact, practically unknown to the ancient Mayas. Had these new mines been discovered in their time, no doubt the Olmec and Maya artists in general, would have fully exploited them. For example among the famous Olmec treasure found in Cerro de las mesas, very few of the 782 items could be called "blue jade" , the majority consisting of jade, jadeite, serpentine and even steatite artifacts, varying from green to grey and less frequently towards blue.

Two well-known authentic, antique exceptions are the blue and translucent Olmec baby called "jade dragon" displayed in the American Museum of Natural History in New York , and a Rio Azul mask (see National Geographic VOL 169 N° 4 page 448 top left ) ,which are, to my knowledge, rare examples comparable to this new blue jade.

Without a doubt, the most venerated colour preferred by Maya stone sculptors in general was the purest, most regular, most translucent, most vibrant, green, exclusively used for , masterpieces, often mosaics : jewellery, masks and vases.

Dr.Julieta Z.Petroni

Many Thanks for all the information!
Now,should I need an expert to evaluate an Antique small green-blue jade figurine,where or to whom shall I go?


parese que nadie quiere comentar o responder que pasa

R Brooks

Hola Arany: esribenos, estamos trabajando el Montagua por oro,encontramos jade en todo variedads...no concemos nada de jade...ubicado en Antgua...Platicamos...



sr robert brooks si jade y jadeita hay mucho tipo y color textura pero el sueno de todos es encontrar el mismo que usaron los mayas en tiempo clasico el verdadero verde como las joyas de pacal espero sus lineas

Jade Jewelry

They could really make fine jewelry out of these gems.


Do not mistake tis stone for a mere commodity. Treat it well with respect.
There is a reason it has history. It will test you.

jade jewelry

How is jade ranked in the precious stone lineup?


seria muy interesante de poder publicar fotografias con los comentarios y sobretodo bien conservar en el imagen el color verdadero de las piedras saludos


Several months ago I found what I thought was a glass beaded necklace -- but a friend of mine said that it was blue jade. In January I was in Tulum, Mexico, where I asked a jeweller about it. Indeed, she said that it was blue jade; the colours range from blue to blue-grey, and may be the same type of jade used by the Olmecs, and discovered after the 1998 hurricane. How strange that I found this necklace (at a "thrift" store in my town) so soon before I left for Mexico. As I was attending my daughter's wedding at the time, I thought that it would be auspicous to give it to her and her husband as a wedding gift.

Vintage Jewelry

What an amazing story and what amazing people! I love history and archeology! They make life so much fascinating don't they?

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What we today call Olmec first appears within the city of San Lorenzo Tenochtitlán, where distinctive Olmec features appear around 1400 BCE. The rise of civilization here was assisted by the local ecology of well-watered alluvial soil, as well as by the transportation network that the Coatzacoalcos River basin provided. This environment may be compared to that of other ancient centers of civilization: the Nile, Indus, and Yellow River valleys, and Mesopotamia.

Multi Gemstone Rings

Is jade a precious or semi-precious gemstone?


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A good combination of Jade and it's history. I like the way you present.I would be happy to know more about Imperial jade.


en todo america no hay jade ni nada que se pueda llamar imperial todo es jadeita y nefrita mas muchas piedras cristalinas verdosas que tratan de hacer pasar como maya original antigua para nada sirven son puras falcificaciones vulgares sin nada de oxidacion patina cada dia hay mas y mas no valen nada solo lo que vale un recuerdo de turista hasta en los museos exiben como es posible tanta confucion donde estan los expertos ?

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