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April 05, 2008


Doug Wilken

This "Dabby Bloom" character comes across as somewhat of a fanatic, but I read his/her post along the lines of fearing that this sort of thing might happen, rather than advocating it.

Just my two cents....


"...some climate protesters ...might... set themselves on fire with gasoline..."

Hypocrites. Just think of the carbon footprint of a burning, gasoline-soaked human body. They'd do much better to simply slit their wrists. Sure, there'd still be the "toxic" waste of their worthless carcasses to deal with, but even by their own faulty reasoning, burning themselves to death doesn't make sense.

Still, I applaud the idea in concept. Fewer folk who "think" only with their emotions wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing, especially if their exit from this world were entirely of their own doing.

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