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April 25, 2008


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I love your title and the article is also very interesting. I had never heard this before.

Barry Rosen

much of this "research" is undergoing heavy scrutiny for possible misinterpretation of the results. the lead author did not release the mass spectra data until forced to (for fear of data stealing or getting publishable results-which is disgraceful since this "research" is publically funded), the dinosaur mass spec machine may have been contaminated with ostritch blood. Pavel peszner at UCSD has ripped apart this study and the lead authors are junior faculty who were overzealous and thinking about career grandisement rather than performing science for the greater good. Unreal.

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I was in Ireland and Northern Ireland earlier this week. And I noticed a lot of houses had palms outside. So I was wondering what kind of palms it might have been? I mean it must be a type that can survive in cold weather.

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