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February 25, 2008



I look forward to the pulverized coal-fired internal combustion engine as well as the pulverized coal-fired Gulfstream.

Henry Barth

Prior to WW II, following the UK/US oil embargo on Japan, Japanese cars used a charcoal burner installed in the trunk as the source of propulsion.

It was slow but reasonably fast on level ground; for going up hills the passengers would get behind and push.

I cannot imagine widespread use by drivers burning charcoal in the US, but I’m sure that should sufficient celebrities back the scheme as helping to “save the planet,” it will catch on and probably be mandated in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Really , Henry, these are modern times . If ecologically conscientious Cambridge auto-mobile owners are late for a coaching event, or come to a hill, they instruct the mechanician to have the footman add a judicious mixture of thermite, liquid ozone and radium bromide to the fuel-tank.

Mr Rudi O'Neil

This is something that makes you realise how much people in PR and Marketing are treating consumers like a bunch of dummies. Fine, tell us that we're going to pay less to drive around in an EV, but don't make us feel guilty about the environment when EV's (for now), cause just about as much pollution as cars which use petrol and diesel.

Liam Falbo

I can't believe that one pound of coal can generate about one kilowatt-hour of power. This means it can make a car really move! This could be a possible substitute to fuel since the cost for fuel escalates for almost every day. I hope there will be a car invented to run by coals.

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