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February 04, 2008


Charles Curtis

You (and the pollsters) assume "myth" synonymous with "false?"

But all the historical figures in the "regarded as mythical" list are exactly that. Mythical. The "history" or stories surrounding them transcend, and are seminal.

And the "mythical" ones, are mostly archetypal; based more, or less, in some sort of perceived "historical" "reality."

I mean, did Winston break his foot jumping that prison wall in Durban, or was it Khartoum? He walked 1,000 miles through the desert on the damn thing, anyway. Only one to survive Gordon's debacle.. or something like that.

Amazing pluck and cheek, eh? Hard to believe, but still true.

Just like Geo. H.W. rolled into Plano, El Paso, Amarillo or Austin or wherever it was in a red jalopy in 1949 with 50 bucks in his pocket. And just look at him now. Amazing. Still, that's history.

Or so they say. We all tell our stories, have our salient "facts" and our viscerally held meanings. History, Rashomon style.

So the idea that there is some sort of radical distinction between history and myth is just bosh.

What *really* happened? Let me tell you.. You'll never know.

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