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January 13, 2008


B. Heart

One little complaint with the essay in the NYT is the claim D. P. Moynihan was a neocon. Moynihan perceived much more complexity than neocons seem comfortable recognizing. I believe Moynihan voted against authorizing the 1991 war with Sadaam over Kuwait. DPM was rare: a firm-minded Democrat and a politician with scholarly legitmacy.
Finding no Republican to hand, the Institute Of Politics provided Dan Moynihan as faculty advisor to the Seminar on the Coevolution of British and American Conservatism I organized as a Harvard undergraduate. He was indeed too astute a politician to subscribe to anything so parochial as ideology.

That is what makes him in retrospect so appealing, and from a Republican perspective, so dangerous an historical figure-- Hillary Clinton is a Senatorial avatar of Dan at his most liberal.


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