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December 10, 2007


Paul Ding

People hear "greenhouse gas" and they think CO2, but the most signficicant greenhouse gas is water vapor.

Al Gore is director of a company that builds computers into monitors, so that you have to replace your monitor in order to upgrade your computer, and builds batteries into portable music players that users cannot replace when they reach end of life.

This week in the Wall Street Journal, they announted that 100 million iPods had been sold - and a couple of pages later, they said 28 million man had iPods, only 13 million women. That leaves 59 million that have been landfilled?

It's time to call up our stockbrokers and invest in the Helena Handbasket company, because the world is surely going there.


Why do you show a picture of a cooling tower emitting water vapor when you are discussing CO2 emmisions? Not that it makes any difference anyway since the whole AGW thing is a money making scam anyway.
To vex readers who start pontificating before they finish reading the text.


I'm thoroughly bemused...

When I was in grade school, we were related the glories of anthracite coal, over that nasty, dirty bituminous coal. And this in a non-coal-producing state!

Robert Speirs

As a child my job was to bring coal up from the cellar for the kitchen stove in my London house, our main source of heat and cooking. I became an expert in the differences among bituminous, anthracite and coke. But AGW is all about demonization and you can't demonize things like coal and nuclear power while admitting that they have some good points, if deeply understood.


I'm intrigued by your proposal. I had never thought about it in those terms and have to admit I thought all coal was about the same, only varying in dirtiness along a gradient from anthracite to bitiminous.

Still, I wonder how you rank the other problems with coal in your analysis of whether it should be used. After all, coal stacks don't just spill out CO2 or water.

I'm not averse to your proposal, assuming that the conversation around it is legitimate. I wonder though if the economics stack up once you add up the cost of scrubbing for these pollutants?

As it is we do a pretty terrible job with mercury. Being a fisherman I am constantly reminded by the warnings posted for many lakes in Minnesota against eating too many of the fish.

With the current energy debate so polarized between greens and those who seem willing to abolish large parts of the clean air act for the sake of profit I often wonder how our accounting for the effects of pollution can enter the debate in a reasonable fashion.

Still, this is an excellent insight into coal that needs to be thought about and acted upon if we don't have the stomach to work on other alternatives.


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