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December 25, 2007

NeoCanadian Sunset

IphonebeaverBeavering away in his lodge on the border,  Canadian National  National (and New York) Post neocontent provider Mark Steyn has gone, well , postal , at a Jersey paper's complaining that  half of Rudy Guiliani's  neoconsigleri are Canadian: 
" They're Fencing the Wrong Border
'Forget Walt and Mearsheimer and the Israel lobby. That's just a front for the real thing. The cabal's cabal. What destroyed American conservatism? Not the neocons but the neo-Cans: Conservatism can indeed win again, but if it does it will triumph over the ne
oconservatism of Frum and his fellow Canadians, Charles Krauthammer and Mark Steyn. Until I read this book I hadn't really thought about how much American neoconservatism owes to these deep thinkers from Canada..."

Has the loss of Conrad Black's patronage unhinged the Greatest Living NeoCan, or is it Time's icing Krauthammer's column?  With the PC Mounties after him for making maple leaf raghead remarks, beating the Frums along the Mohawk could trigger Canada's ultimate weapon in the culture wars, the light bulb, Newfoundlander, and extension cord joke:
                 How many NeoCans does it take to change a regime?

Thirteen. One to screw the dim bulbs , and twelve to row the cabal to the mainland

Some time ago, PaleoWhigs persuaded President Polk, who was a NeoNoNothing ,that the Canadian border was Politically Incorrect, and needed fixing:" Fifty Four Forty Or Fight " in his diplomatic phrase. So instead of descending into the muskeg of ethnic politics, PalaeoCans, as NoveauQuebs call Liberals in the shadow of the wildly gyrating  North Semantic Pole, might invite NeoCans to redeem themselves by  invading Canada , as Fenians bent on continuing the Civil War by other means did in 1865.

Reviving The Polk Doctrine would give warlike American NeoCans splendid practice for exporting democracy elsewhere, perhaps California's sister province, the Polar Bear Republic. Here, lest Weekly Standard subscribers worry about whether they should vote in the Ontopario, Quebasse or North North Dakota primaries is:
........A Map Of The Condominium Of NeoCanada and Nunavut


Upper Washington    North North Dakota  Ontopario    Quebasse  NewfoundHampshire


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