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November 08, 2007



While we're at it, for everyone who believes that they know with absolute certainty what the earth's "correct" temperature should be at any point on the globe at any point in time during the year: please raise your hand, and defend your assertion. Foot stomping, pouting, claims of "piling on", and recitation of Friends of the Earth pamphlets and/or "the team's" debunked Congressional testimony are not acceptable. Show your work, share your models, as well as all of your data. Extra credit for explaining the '06 and '07 hurricane seasons in the US. Don't be shy; there are lovely parting gifts available paid for by the other guy's taxes in exchange for your votes in '08.

D. F. Linton

Consider this thought experiment: You are to be transported back in time to 1907. You will given as much computing equipment as you desire along with whatever is necessary to operate it. You have precise knowledge of the exact state of the weather, solar output, science and technology, and human demographics in 1907, but all of you memories of these things in succeeding 100 years will be removed, except that you will have at your disposal the most advanced modeling and statistical techniques known today. Your job will be to forecast the state of the earth's climate in 2007 considering the growth in human populations, their economic interactions, and state of technology.

Extra points for predicting atomic power and either world war. Points off for over estimating the horse dung problem.

Wondering Aloud

I never read it because it sounds awful, but,State of Fear is supposed to be a work of fiction, is the objection here that it is one? What than about An Inconvenient Truth? That wasn't supposed to be a work of fiction was it?

I have some lake front property on Lake Baikal When is it going to be warm enough to go swimming?
Try Bastille Day. Being a good republican I am always in the market for waterfront property,especially if there are seal pups to be clubbed for breakfast.

Which shore of Lake Baikal, and how much do you want ?

C Griffin

First Mr. Seitz you would do well cut the pretentious prose. You are certainly are not convincing me with your vomiting verbosity.

I find it strange you quote Crighton and say he is "correct" or "right" in many instances. Then turn about face and essentially say the opposite. ???

Lastly sir you are clueless as to the sheer numbers of REAL scientists (specifically earth scientists) that are in diametric opposition to the current media hyped so called "science" of global warming.

As a geologist I have a simple question. If man is the primary cause for climate change (specifically global warming) then what caused it thousands of times in the past 500 million years? To say that man is causing the current ebb of warming is tantamount to claiming the up coming summer heat will be due to the hot air coming from your website in spite of the irrefutable fact that summer has been recurring for millions of years.

Congratulations to the admirable Griffin on his career change- yesterday he was a soi disant 'palaeo climatologist' at RealClimate, but the Scirius search engine maintains he remans unpublished in that discipline as well. It quite restores my faith in the nation's geology journals.



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