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November 16, 2007


Max Anderson

I sent a copy of this report over to my Tsa contact who was sent to me through hs site national terror alert. I say run with it. What is the cost? Also is the instruction manual complicated as far as maintenence and directions on how to use it? One last thing Russell, x-ray is outtie. Good work! Wired sent me a link to this invention release. I did a 2 part series on the recent flaws in us airport security at O'Hare and Jfk. I also worked with several us govt agencies in thwarting an attempt in Dallas Tx months ago as well. send me over some more data on this . I published you here with a very positive article. My site was getting a 100-200 hits a day for a while, let's see what thursday brings you here:
best max anderson max1mos111@yahoo.com


Perhaps you meant MMIC - Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit?

Max Anderson

Just chacking back with you on how the millimeter wave is working out for you as with the TSA as I had discussed.
Max Anderson

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What is DHS web site for child care providers to enter attendence and summit payment request?
My computer crashed so I had to get a new one. Well along with that new computer I am trying to figure out all the important stuff I lost. Ok I am looking to the dhs website for providers in Iowa. It goes something like this ccmis.mainportal.state.ia.us......but this is not correct. if you can help that would be great. I will just call my local office tomm if no one can help me.


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