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October 13, 2007


Darrell Van Wagner

Oops, sorry Russell. But Norway's not part of the ECC and they still trade in Kroners, not euros.
Response :

Though they contract in Kroner today, I made that choice of word because future payment for most of their reserves will likely be made internationally . But oK- I 'll change it- trillions it is

W. Kiernan

So! The key to understanding the entire dark Swedish Conspiracy lies in the factoid that Brent crude has a whole one-point-five percent less carbon content than the world average crude, and in order for the Swedish fiends to make the best economic advantage of this crucial, fact the Nobel committee has been suborned to the interests of the Conspiracy! Ver-r-ry interesting!

Say, did you know that genuine Reynolds (tm) aluminum foil impedes mind-controlling radio waves 1.5% better than the typical flimsy generic grocery store brand? Don't be a helpless mind-slave to HAARP; insist upon genuine Reynolds (tm) brand today
Poor Mr. Kiernan , do try to keep out of the noonday sun--I'll have a word with the Gnomes Of Zurich about sending off to Singapore for some real tin tinfoil to sooth your feverish brain :

The price multiplier in the punitive carbon taxation regime Gore favors would be based on the % of carbon in _coal_ divided by that in Brent, which given Norway's gigabarrel equivalent reserves @ $98 or so ,indeed equals a trillion Kroner rebate differential.

Al seldom wears hats but his firm is fully vested in Eurocarbon permits.



Sounds great to me BTDWIHK

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