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October 31, 2007


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External forcing refers to processes external to the climate system (though not necessarily external to Earth) that influence climate. Climate responds to several types of external forcing, such as radiative forcing due to changes in atmospheric composition (mainly greenhouse gas concentrations), changes in solar luminosity, volcanic eruptions, and variations in Earth's orbit around the Sun.Attribution of recent climate change focuses on the first three types of forcing. Orbital cycles vary slowly over tens of thousands of years and thus are too gradual to have caused the temperature changes observed in the past century.

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But he agrees with Schrag that geoengineering should still be explored, as future policymakers might seek to do it whether or not scientists understand it. "I don't think scientists should shy away" from the topic, he says.

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Attribution of recent climate change focuses on the first three types of forcing.buy penegra

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He hopes to spread that message at the meeting. "The potential for stabilizing climate is more than realized," he says.

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