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August 16, 2007



Dr. Seitz.
It might have been more beneficial to Dr. Hansen's assertion of the minor nature of the adjustment had he used the same 'y' axis scale on both of his charts in Figure 1. However, this might beg the question, 'Why has the temperature fluctuation in the US been so much less than that of the world as a whole?'

I'd like to see Climate Audit go international to see how those data are being collected and analyzed.
It's easy to make a monkey of yourself at risk by indulging in the use of rubber graph paper- you can see both versions of the data at the same scale at http://scienceblogs.com/deltoid/2007/08/global_warming_totally_disprov.php

I think it more germane that the bad data splice detected by the diligent McIntyre amounts to only a few hundredths of one degree.

1998, formerly the hottest U.S. year, has gone from being 0.01 degrees warmer than 1934 to being 0.02 degrees cooler. Meanwhile, rate at which the Atlantic's overturning circulation transports warm water has just been discovered to vary by a factor of eight.

Will the zeal with which this authentically interesting number is hyped and dismissed by the two sides exceed that of the last one? Or is distortion in the climate wars scale invariant ?

Stay tuned .

Ed Darrell

I have a difficult time figuring out which side you're on, through all the drollness.

That's probably as it should be.

Meanwhile, skeptics who are not mere political hacks, like Freeman Dyson arguing at Edge, offer their complaints about the data along, but those complaints come with solid suggestions of what to do to prevent further global warming.

It occurs to me that we separate the serious science skeptics on that basis: They question the data, but offer solutions to the problem. Political hacks use questions about the data that they don't understand in order to avoid doing anything.

If it were true that human activities have nothing at all to do with global warming, we still have the difficulties from mosquitoes moving north, drought, more powerful storms, and rising sea levels. It's just that we might have fewer tools to use to stop it.
Delve into the archives, or check my bibliography and you will find two or more cheers in as many years for Paul Crutzen and Freeman Dyson, both of whom are past masters of not coveting their own hypotheses.

Neither is addicted to the belief that we have certain knowledge of the interaction of anthropogenic change and natural variability and both want to know more. It is those already committed to drastic action to prevent Whatever who afford most of the scientific comedy of manners and modeling that gets mistaken for honest to gosh politicization these days

I have long suspected that stone tools are a serendipitous spin off from Zinjanthopus' attempts at mosquito control- just place the mosquito on a smooth, fine grained rock and strike sharply with another , and before you run out of mosquitoes or rocks, you will surely assemble an arsenal of Clovis points .

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