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August 24, 2007


Robert Speirs

How can there be an expanse of nothing? If two objects have nothing between them, aren't they touching each other?

Janice Damon

maybe it is related to the picture we say of the clumping of dark matter in the beginning of the formation of the universe? The universe is created of 4 basic buiding parts 1. matter thater is made of electons that we say have a "-" charge and protons that have a "+" charge, and neutrons [at the most basic structural concept]
2. energy, which is caused and detected by the movement of these "-" charged electrons. I will stop here to mention that we know we can exchage M and E. We did not know that 100 years ago. "Matter couild neither be created nor destroyed" was a law I remember hearing. Now we know that there are such thins as anti-matter or "dark" matter and anti or "dark" energy. Is it possible that this energy, matter that we are now becoming familiar with is simply the counterpart to our matter with the opposite spin in the electon clouds thus making the electons "+" and the protons"-". This would make all the energy imposible to detect with our instrments due to the fact that they all are set to detect electronegative radiation, IV, IR, Vis,. The "cold or "heat" and the indirect detection methods (we are familiar with for dark matter) would be the only clues that we have.(?) If there is a trasition point for E to M then it stand to reason that there must be transformation positions for dark matter to matter (scafolding we saw at the hubble "clumping picture?)and matter and energy to dark energy, and dark matter. I do not feel information is lost at a black hole. I believe the possiblility that the black hole may be a devise of not destruction but of reconstruction or recycling. I have no math major just a chemisrty degree. I offer no proof. I ask only a question.?

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