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August 03, 2007



Uh, the Model 400 has been flying above ten feet (and out of ground effect) for quite some time now.

PS got here from Jerry Pournelle's site. The arsehole considers this machine to be nothing more than an agricultural subsidy. See, it burns ethanol, and EVERYONE knows that ethanol is just Big Agro working its lobby power...
The makers are doing their own Greenwashing- ethanol is the fuel their press release specifies.
As to the high-flying Model 400, they confess:
"• We are test flying within the Davis City Limits
• We presently have only one M400 aircraft
• Our insurance will go up substantially when the tether is not used while flying over land"

shark pee

Moller is a total wanker. These tools of transportation are not proven to be efficient uses of resources or fuel consumption and the man can't even fly them without the aid of a crane tether. he's spent over 30 years trying to challenge propellers and airfoils, pushing his fortune and getting no rise for his shareholders. The 400 has shabby welds on the roll cage, and lands like a meteor. forget this quack

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