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July 30, 2007

Top Ten Hot Things

Left for Rush Limbaugh to  blame global warming on in 2008:

1. Telluric current induced outgassing of John Travolta

2.  Volcanic eruptions on moons of Jupiter

3. Declining CO2 sequestration in Vichy water

4. Solar energy absorption by ever expanding black shirt of Al Gore

5. Freon release by IED attacks on Baghdad air conditioners

6.  Orgone energy accumulation during Dark Age Dumb Period

7.  Sea ice melting by warm seal puppies

8.  Shrinking solar heat reflection as financial newspapers go tabloid

9.  Warming of Noosphere by Vatican carbon offset program

10. Elimination of sky-darkening hordes of locusts by DDT

copyright 2007 Russsell Seitz


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