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June 25, 2007



"..would like to see if cells unencumbered by junk genes can outperform .. the random mutations of evolution.

Of course this is all assuming there is such a thing as a "junk gene". There is now cause for debate about that very topic. It will be curious to see how their work helps determine whether "junk genes" really exist.

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How can someone with zero or minimal life experiences?
and uses book teaching only, tell me I am a sinner.
Whats up with that. Are there any civilations left that respect the life experiences of the older folks.
Or do we have to ban the young

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The former cells are once again alive, and by the mycoplasmae's minimalist standards , frisky as the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

cell functions

what freaky discover to think about.

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This is naturally ,or un-naturally " a topic likely to raise temperatures among the metaphysically challenged members of the intelligent Design movement as well as mundane biologists

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Love the artistry on the whiteboard! Looks like episode planning is coming along quite well.

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I love pictures of the snow! These are beautiful! I feel like I'm getting all the best parts of this snowstorm (pictures, stories of my wonderful man shoveling snow at home, etc) without any of the yucky stuff I don't like about winter. :)

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Our mission in this life is to save nature.

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