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June 05, 2007


Tim Worstall

There is a (possibly apocryphal) story of some ill packed Ga sitting in the hold of a plane on the runway in Moscow in summer, flight delayed. Over 25 oC, so the Ga melts, leaks out of the packaging, leading to an embarrassing hole in the floor of the plane before take off.

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Scientists must do everything to bring as little harm to the environment as possible.

Angela (phg)

How long would it take for the government to get on board?


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After years long research & development we are still unable to use this as a fuel, we have more concerns about producing, processing, storing, filling the hydrogen at different places which need to be addressed before implementing anything so may be hydrogen is the our future fuel but not very soon it's needs a lot of time & work need to be done.

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Hydrogen fuel still a long way to go, before we utilize this as a regular fuel for our vehicles, which need much of investment, development in all segments

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