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June 27, 2007


Dead Sea Products

Great story, well written. I love the dead sea and personally own a dead sea products business.

I believe peace will do break out eventually, as an Israeli.

Life's too short to waste it on wars and hatery.


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What exactly does the US military have against the Peace Corp?
I've been in the army myself but not the Peace Corp, but I've always wondered why there seemed to be restrictions on Peace Corp members from joining the military. Grant it, I'm sure someone will answer that one is about peace and the other war, but I think when you scratch the surface their missions aren't too different.

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Running in circles, is like the song , but this blog is boring in circles... I think you need change the topic here and keep posting useful things about science and nature things.


The question of course, interesting! But the answer in one word, it's almost nothing to say!
Each sea has its advantages and features.
For example: Dead Sea water differs in a number of features and, above all, high salinity.
Dead Sea - the present storehouse of minerals.
The Dead Sea, in Hebrew - Salty sea. His name is obliged to unusually high content of salts and minerals.

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