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May 09, 2007


David Smith

That link to Real Climate is revealing... "Climate Science by Climate Scientists", eh?

I'm more familiar with terms like "contrarian" and "screed" in an OpEd or political-activist context than that of "Real Science". Apparently "science" isn't enough to achieve some folks' agendas.

Oh, Real Climate, thou dost protest too, well, revealingly.


I was with him, sort of, until he said "increasingly hot molten core."

I doubt there will be any historians worthy of the label two centuries from now, though. Western Civilization cut its own throat in 1914 and continues to thrash about, not quite fully exsanguinated, but the end is within sight and has never been in doubt. When the West dies, the First World dies with it, and the rest of our species, without our vigorous economies and generous taxpayers to shovel money and economic aid at them, goes back to the caves, forever. Apres nous, le deluge.


I was a bit thrown off by the "increasingly hot molten core" as well. My understanding, though, was that the heat of the Earth's core was fueled by the decay of certain radioactive elements. If this were true, it MIGHT be possible the temperature is increasing.

All a bit above my pay grade.

The half life of the heat releasing radioactive isotopes results in the decrease of heat release over time . The last natural reactors went out about 1,5 billion years ago and it has been getting colder ever since .

Robert Speirs

There is no god but Goethe and Spengler is his prophet.


Regardless of whether one might posit a possible hypothetical way that the Earth's core could heat up, there remains the question of whether there is any empirical evidence that the core is in fact heating. Surely Cockburn should be expected to point to this evidence, or to retract the claim.

That said, if someone found that the Earth appeared to be warming -- either with real-time direct measurements, or from geological evidence, I'm confident that scientists would come up with explanations for why this might be so. After all, stars pulse up and down, especially near the ends of their lives. And no, the First Law of Thermodynamics does not forbid a temperature increase. It addresses internal energy, not temperature. All that said, one would expect a generally declining temperature as radio-isotopes decay.


Maybe he meant the Sun, not the Earth? Weird sort of error to make, either way.


yeah there is no way that the earth's core could be inductively heated and an increasing helio magnetic field increase the intensity of the heating. Its impossible.


Possibly it isn't that the core is heating up. Maybe it just stopped spinning? The evidence for this would come from a reliable source of course - Hollywood: http://imdb.com/title/tt0298814/

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