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April 26, 2007


John Burgess

You know you're going to burn in hell for that....

Thanks, though. I'm sure you'll be good company.


The article writer owes Pat an apology - obvious to the casual observer. Look at the USA @ 1900 AD. Gangs of thugs commanded by Unions or Robber Barons. Amerinds and Blacks had only paper rights. Horse and Buggy to walking on the moon in 70 years. Saudis drove camels.
In 2000 AD, 49 of 52 African nations are run by Dictators/Juntas/Warlords that killed their way up the food chain, maybe 2 democracies. A century is a long time socially. Economically, the UNIPCC scenarios that generate high Anthrpogenic Global Warming have most of Africa hitting the USA(2000) standard of living/oil usage by 2050(that is the joke). For a detailed view of these scenarios start with Lomberg's "Skeptical Environmentalist". The writer appears to know nothing of the Climate Debate, just pain and angst at African conditions, perhaps enrollment and acing PM's classes would help.

If Mr. Patat is one of PM's star pupils, he's made a compelling case for curricular reform.

I refer him to the sidebar for some dozens of posts on the climate debate- and to the 'About ' section, for a link to my bibliography on the subject , both popular and peer-reviewed , which I hope he may find edifying.

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