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February 09, 2007

The Hundred Years Climate War ?

................................EXTRA !.......EXTRA !

.......            .'All We Have To Fear Is Air Itself '


League  of  Nations Scientists Warn  Of  Catastrophe

                    .           If  Hoover Re-elected

Forget the 1938 Hurricane, the Dust Bowl or the threat of climate change by the ozone devouring Niton Ray of art deco Eco-terrorist Ming the Merciless of Mongo. Years before them , The New York Times rendered The Great Depression more depressing still with the cheerful forecast of the shape of things to come that follows--

  This is not a parody.  The Climate Wars will indeed turn 100 in 25 years :

'The Earth is steadily growing warmer. As all the ice at the two poles melts a stupendous volume of water will be released.

Fish will swim in Buckingham Palace...New York will be marked by the...taller skyscrapers as they jut out of the water...the climate..as when dinosaurs roamed the earth and dense jungles...grew in...Canada.

Palms and alligators would flourish at the poles ...man's food supply will not ...it is a question if he will survive '

The New York Times..May 15, 1932

Here's the whole thing , direct from The Times archive :



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I want to say thanks for responding personally to my blog post.

I am no physicist and don't intend to debate the intricacies of climatology with one such as yourself. But I do think I have a marginal bit of common sense and when Al Gore shows pictures of Kilamanjaro, I want to know if what he's showing is true.

Maybe there's less snow because of deforestation and localized drought, not because of my carbon footprint.

The intent of my post was to let people know of the obvious bias and agenda driven politics they hear when told about global warming today.

All we hear are the apocalyptic stories about what may happen. 75 years ago scientists noticed polar caps melting. They reported it as science - not propaganda.
The global temp has risen 1 degree in 75 years. Carbon diozide has increased, yep. I'm not saying GW isn't/doesn't happen. I don't buy that it's all the fault of man.

BTW - I don't mean any disrespect, but I've gotten into arguments with base weather when they tell me over the phone it's not raining, while I'm standing in a thunderstorm training troops.

You do honor me with a personal response however, a first for me. And I value the input you have to give. Thanks again

So Russell what's to make of this? It's all hype and no substance? I think not. Kilimanjaro is backed up by a majority of tropical glacier demise, and everyone can find something to support their claims in that one famous mountain. of course the answer is both, which confounds the either/or crowd. The latter is a fallacy for a reason.

And remember Sgt. Steely, weather isn't climate, so beware of a weatherman claimning to debunk a climate scientist.

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