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January 27, 2007


David Moelling

Right after the war the British imprisoned the key players of the german bomb program in a country club like prison called Farm Hall. It of course was bugged as well and the Farm Hall transcripts were published many years later. The response of the inmates to news of Hiroshima is telling. First they did not believe it, then a few simple calculation showed where their errors had been. Clearly they were working on a bomb, and just as clearly the German system had dropped it when they convinced themselves it would not work.

John Burgess

Wonderful post. Thanks!

The Farm Hill transcripts inform Michael Frayn's play "Copenhagen".

mick bright

Not Hechingen but Haigerloch was where Heisenberg had his "atom keller". A very interesting and evocative place. Hechingen is the nearest railway station (where I alighted last year to visit the Haigerloch lab.20 km distant) by car. Of course, the lady probably did come from Hechingen.

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